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About Katti

Throughout her career as a dental hygienist, Katti Simpson, RDH, of Dover Foxcroft, Maine, has discovered preventative care and education are the two key components to establishing overall oral health. This discovery was the driving force which led her to open Maine’s first Independent Dental Hygiene practice.

After graduating from high school Mrs. Simpson, determined she desired a career in a field which was hands on, professional and instrumental in improving the lives of others. She was accepted into the dental hygiene program at the University of New England in Portland, Maine, graduating in 2001.

The need for preventative access to dental care was a growing need in Maine. In the fall of 2008 Maine Legislation passed the bill allowing registered dental hygienists to become Independent through proper licensure by the Board of Dental Examiners. Mrs. Simpson, located in an underserved county, seized the opportunity to establish herself as a business owner and support her community by offering affordable, quality, dental care.

Dental Hygiene Associates of Maine was established in July of 2009, in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. This was the beginning of a new modality in dental care in Maine. Since 2009, Simpson has established programs at her local schools; teaching children about preventative dental care, worked at local nursing homes providing dental cleanings.

Katti has prided herself on giving top notch preventative care for over a decade now. She recognized the importance of providing a more self contained, infection controlled environment for patients to feel safe while having their teeth cleaned, and has transformed her practice into "On the GO Dental Pro". This model was inspired by the growing demand for dental care to be high quality, safe, and convenient for people who have busy lives.

When she’s not busy promoting prevention, Katti finds great happiness cooking and spending time with her family and friends. Bicycling, hiking, canoeing, and cross country skiing are among her favorite outdoor activities.

Katti would like to thank her family and friends for being so supportive of her ambitions over the years.

"I genuinely treat all of my patients as though they were a member of my family or a dear friend…and it’s a true pleasure to have gained so many new friends over the years!”

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